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CGV (Informations client et produit)

I. Order & Production

  • The production of dB pieces takes place in Argentina in specialized, traditional leather studios.
  • If your model/color is on stock, we can deliver within 10 days.
  • dB's management is German. The European base is in Düsseldorf.
  • For customization the standard production time is 6 weeks. The standard DHL delivery time from Argentina abroad is about one week, when we face no delay at the customs.
  • dB is a traditional manufacturing company that does not place large orders or special requests in less than 3 months due to our painstaking process of obtaining the highest grade leathers and customizing those pieces ( e.g. specially requested colors).
  • Orders have to be placed before mid-October to secure deliveries in time. During high polo season (Nov/Dec), quick productions are extremely difficult and we cannot guarantee those.
  • Argentina’s summer break is in January. Productions are then postponed to February. So, to make it short> Don’t order between November & January ☺, if u are in a rush!

II. Leather & termination not perfect. Imperfection in sewing and leathers is a sign of genuine and unprocessed leathers, handcrafted processes. This shows the uniqueness of each product.dBs special attributes of the dB Travel bag are:- blemishes and marks on the skin, - imperfection in sewing due to handcraft ship - 4mm leather (as Hermes & Louis Vuitton original travel luggage)

III. Personalization and refund policy

  • Our standard bags and belts can be exchanged/returned any time
    (the Standard European law applies).
  • Due to personalization, hand-crafted processes, extremely well chosen & limited materials and the long distance to Argentina, some production may require up to 3 months and more.
  • Due to the personalization and hand-crafted production, each item can have minor authentic blemishes - we call these “authentic attributes”. Every dB piece has its own imperfections this way and shows uniqueness & personality.
  • Light colors may get minor stains while applying initials or during the transport. These slight natural stains usually can be removed by using simple soap and water. dB does not recommend ordering light colors if customer is sensitive to minor stains.
  • Ciel, rosé, absinthe, feu, sable, white and prune (lila) are special and delicate colors. Special colors are difficult to obtain for one single bag. The canvas material is individually imported from the States to Argentina (Dupont Canvas). Basic colors are: negro, marron, bleu, electrique, rouge and vert anglais. These colors are quick and easy to obtain all year long.
  • When a dB piece arrives with mistaken colors or initials, the bag will be replaced, otherwise refund or exchange is not possible in customized orders.
  • Anyhow we will always try to meet our customers' wishes and leave him content. Any damages or problems with our bags or belts can be fixed by our European headquarter's saddlery.
    dB products enjoy a lifelong guaranty.

IV. Payments & Shipping & Customs

  • Payment must be made when ordering.
  • Prices include VAT (19 %) for shipping to EU countries.
  • For shipping to countries outside EU, VAT will be deducted. So products become 19% cheaper.
  • NO shipment cost will apply - all inlcuded @deBruné

V. Maintenance

  • dB polo travel bags are made out of natural vegetal leather, which gives the special patina desired by most of our clients. For those who want to avoid usage marks (i.g. water stains from rain), we recommend to protect (impregnate) the leather with leather oil (pomade) or spray. For a charge of 10 Euros, each saddler can do this. This process should be renewed every year.
  • Every open thread can be easily repaired by any saddler or shoe maker in your home town.

VI. dB Spirit

dB products are exclusively made for customers appreciating and valuing the process of personalization and the natural vegetal leather which thickness and quality can only be found in Argentina. Each dB piece should be considered a - piece of art - and one of a kind with its bits and bites of imperfection. dB is a brand with personality, understated elegance and for those who can identify themselves with this spirit!

VII. Guaranty

Our German saddlery will take care of any problem you might encounter with your dB treasure.

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