deBruné l Apres-Vente

Service Après-Vente

  • Any standard dB product can be returned within 14 days.
  • When a dB piece arrives with mistaken colors or initials, the bag will be replaced. Otherwise refund or exchange is not possible in customized orders. Anyhow we will always try to meet our customers’ wishes and leave him content. Any damages or problems with your bags or belts can be fixed by our German saddlery.
  • Due to personalization, hand-crafted processes, extremely well chosen & limited materials and the long distance to Argentina, some production may require 3 months.
  • Due to personalization and hand-crafted productions items can have minor blemishes – we call these “authentic attributes”. Every dB piece has its own imperfections this way and shows uniqueness & personality.
  • Light colors may get minor stains while applying initials or during the transport. These slight natural stains usually can be removed by using simple soap and water. dB does not recommend ordering light colors if customer is bothered about minor stains.
  • Ciel, rosé, absinthe, feu, sable, white, bordeaux and prune are special and delicate colors. Special colors are difficult to obtain for one single bag and very sensitive. The canvas material is individually imported from the States to Argentina. Basic colors are negro, marron, bleu, electrique, rouge, citron and vert anglais, and quick and easy to obtain all year long.

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