the ORIGINAL Polo Belt - the real one

The original Polo Belt from Argentina

Photo-Examples (Scroll down to buy)Standard Belt: 129 € to 149 € | Customized Belt: 179 € | Initials: 25 €.
We have some special deals from 35 € to 99 € under SALES PAGE

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You can call us any time on +49(0)21141720184 or order directly via order(at)

Please don’t mistake our Gaucho Polo Belt with cheap imports from Eastern Europe or the Far East. Our authentic Gaucho Polo Belts are handcrafted from rare materials (genuine leather, naturally tanned) in Buenos Aires. For detailed information about dB quality attributes click here!

Leather:  very thick (3,5mm) and robust Havana leather
Material:  finest Lupino Nylon, colorful and unique
Nylon:  carefully handstiched by Argentine manufacturers
Buckles:  bronze or silver, especially nickel-plated and chromed brass

Standard Belts we deliver within one week, customized belts take up to six weeks.

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