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dB Polo Helmets

Create your own dB Polo Helmet. Choose between size, material, colors, initials and more details. dB Polo Helmets are the best combination in comfort and safety. All helmets are made of premium materials: inside for the perfect protection and outside for a the perfect look.
Add a facemask! dB faceguards are extremely light, flexible and detachable! Also our helmets are very light and refined, meaning they dont look so bulky on your head like few other brands you might know. Our new 3-point system meets to new standards of security in Polo.

Sales prices from € 250 to € 450. Please use our configuration tool. We will contact you and inform you about the exact price. Scroll down to get an offer.

You can call us at any time on +49(0)21141720184 or contact us via polo(at)debrune.com. We will call you back as soon as we can. You can complete your order also by phone.

    Make your own Polo helmet

    1) Select your Helmet Size (Europe/USA)

    2) Choose your Material (Cotton 290 € | Leather + 45 € | Cowskin +65 €)

    3) Select the Color / Pattern or Shade of Cowskin

    color range dB colors

    4) Select your Visor Color

    5) Color of your Visor Band or do u wish a Pampa Band (Pampa +35 €)?

    6a) Select your Strap Color

    6b) Select your Strap Form (4 point-strap +35 €)

    7a) Select your Airhole Color

    7b) Select your Airhole Size (extra big +35 €)

    8) Do you wish a faceguard (+ 65 €)?
    Our faceguards are very light, flexible and detachable! Very protective!

    9a) Personalize your Polo helmet with your
    Initials and/or Logo or the flag of your country
    (Initials +25 € | logo or flag + 45 €)

    In case of Logo type in "logo" and send us a file via polo(at)debrune.com.

    9b) Want a country flag ? (+45 €)

    10) YOUR DATA

    First & Last Name*


    Your Address*

    Your City and Zip-code*

    Your Country* / Dropdown selection!

    Your Telephone* / Select country code!

    11) Anything else to say?


    To know more about our Sales and Return Policy, please check here: www.debrune.com/terms
    and here: www.debrune.com/db-return-policy

    13) I want to complete the order


    Please press the SUBMIT Button first (Point 14), before moving on to payment!

    If you would like to pay now, please click here

    You can call us at any time on +49(0)21141720184 or contact us via polo(at)debrune.com.
    Skype and WhatsApp available for perfect advice on the best polo product for you!

    Here you can view our Terms & Product Information.


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