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Create your own TravelBag

Choose your size, leather, colors and initials! Every TravelBag is one of a kind and  100% handmade (for more info). Only in Argentina you get the desired Patina London Leather, which gives you the unique look after years. More info about the Prozess and Timing, please check here: Customer Information

Leather:premium Argentine Patina leather | 4 mm thick | naturally tanned
Material:durable dry-fit canvas by Dupont (light to carry - easy to clean)
Stitching:double stitched & triple twisted cotton thread by Lupino
Initials:your personal or corporate monogram or logo in leather or color
Weight:very light (only 1.2 - 1.5 kg)
Size:WeekEnder & TravelBag, handluggage

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    2a) Option 1: Select your Canvas Color from the DropDown Menus below.

    color range dB colors

    - translation of our colors: International Colors for Bags

    2b) Option 2: color for the sides (see examples: Ingo and SG) + 45 €

    2c) Option 3: color for stripes (see example: Sal. Oppenheim Bag) +45 €

    3) Select your Leather:

    4) Choose your Initials / Nickname (max. 4 Letters)

    5) What Color/ Material do you want for your Initials / Nickname?
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    You can read our Terms and Customer Information here. dB Spirit: dB products are exclusively made for customers appreciating and valuing the process of personalization and the natural vegetal leather which thickness and quality can only be found in Argentina. Each dB piece should be considered a - piece of art - and one of a kind with its bits and bites of imperfection. dB is a brand with personality, understated elegance and for those who can identify themselves with this spirit!


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